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2008-12-13 17:28:14 by KIRBYLINK

Yeah, nothing's changed. Everything's still coming up. (well, the only 1 thing I had planned is still coming up. Flash Hell) I haven't worked on flash hell since about a month or 2 ago, but don't worry ibhenowflee, I have a shit load of time during the break. Anyway, I've been busy with school, which is why I haven't been doing much other than depositing and getting a few blams and saves every now and then. That and because the Newgrounds forums are dead. Like, really dead. Like, I haven't seen a good topic to post in for about 3 to 4 months dead. So that's why my post count hasn't increased in forever. Don't get me wrong though, I still love Newgrounds! It's just I haven't had as much time as before now that I'm not slacking off as much in school. (still slacking a little, but not C's slacking.)

On an unrelated note, I found my old Dreamcast cords so I've been playing a lot of street fighter 3rd strike and Shenmu. Both pretty awesome games. Also been playing Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix on the 360, which has some of the most fun online I've played in a while. While the rapid Street Fighter fandom was coursing through my veins I almost manged to pick up one of these nifty press kits before they al sold out on Thursday. Things are already going for a fortune on ebay. Now, I've got my Megaman 9 and Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix press kits and II'm happy I got them while they were still cheap.

Also, Megaman X2 Shroyuken.

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I've found pure awesome.

2008-11-03 23:53:13 by KIRBYLINK

This is the only thing you need to see.

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Flash Hell production is good. Now hit F5 and watch this video again.

Old New Post Was Up Too Long, So......

2008-09-06 19:48:27 by KIRBYLINK

Since I'm a lazy whore who hasn't been doing much lately, It's time for a new post. Sorry for not being on Newgrounds as often as I usually am, I'm actually trying in school these next 4 years. Especially since we have our GPA's and such now. High school isn't bad for all of those who say otherwise, it's just more crowed and has a lot more assholes than before. Being a freshman shouldn't serve as any sort of problem as long as you aren't a complete faggot. Anyway, I've been wanting to get back to animating since I don't suck complete ass, like I did in my submission here. I've got so many ideas to implement, it has just become to much.

I've been sick the past three days, and over the three days I discovered 2 things, Square actually didn't fuck up a game, and T.V. Sucks hard ass. I can't believe how terrible Television Is now, it's like trying to watch 3 semi-retarded children tell jokes and write serious stories that try to appeal to people with references. Now I see why most other countries call America stupid, because anyone with a small enough intelligence, or someone childish enough to watch it for an extended amount of time must be suffering some sort of damage to their head. I digress though, some shows are actually entertaining and do manage to make me laugh, but thats on about 1%. As for Square Enix, I finally got past enough emo in The World Ends With You to find a interesting story line and extremely fun gameplay mechanics, such as getting use to controlling both characters in order to pull off super moves, or just dominating the enemy without getting hit.

If it's to much to read just comment about something else.


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lol wut?

2008-07-27 00:36:27 by KIRBYLINK

Doesn't everyone do this?

Reason for Ban: "success" one word response, noncontributory spam post. gumOnShoe

EDIT: New picture and my first actually comment left by a mod on the ban. :D

Reason for ban: "yeah" One word answers posted just to be a dick will get you banned, every time, at least while I'm online and you just got off a ban for the same thing... You better tighten up man, don't make me spank you. -Poozy

lol wut?


2008-06-14 14:41:49 by KIRBYLINK


Also, banned for posting in a spam thread. Now unbanned.

EDIT: Level 29!!! Yay!

EDIT 2: Sergeant.

EDIT 3: I have obtained silver whistle for the third time.


Banana Man

2008-05-17 20:14:19 by KIRBYLINK

Do you see banana man
Hopping over on the white hot sand
Here he come with some for me
Freshly taken from banana tree
Banana man me want a tan
Give me double on the bonus one
Give me more for all me friends
Dis banana flow never end

Do you want a banana?
Peel it down and go mm mm mm mm
Do you want a banana?
Dis banana for you

Tonight we dance around the flame
Then we get to play the spirit game
Spirit names we shout out loud
Shake the thunder from the spirit cloud
Morning songbirds in the tree
Chant a tune to let the spirits free
Then we see them in the night
Spirits jumpin by the fire light

Do you want a banana? (Do you want a banana)
Peel it down and go mm mm mm mm
Do you want a banana? (Do you want a banana)
Dis banana for you
( oh ho ho) (ahhh)

Look you your too uptight you know
You can laugh and kick it back and go (weee)
But without a rhythm or a rhyme
You do not banana all the time
Fly away from city on the run
Try to make a little fun
(ah huh ah huh ah huh ah huh ah huh ah huh ah huh)

Look you come to the bungalo
Africans you tell me dont you so
Dont you love the pumping of the drum
Make you shake until the bum go numb
Let the bungo play you till you drop
Dis banana never stop (never stop, never stop)

Forget all your troubles and go with the flow
Forget about whatever you may never know
Like whether whatever you are doing is whatever you should and whether anything you do is every really any good
And then Forget about banana when it sticks in your throat
And when they make you wanna bellow but your stuck in a choke and you forget about the yell from the colorful men that'll make you take another and make a mock of your plan

Bungale Bungalo make up your mind and tell me no

Well its nine o'clock and its getting dark
and the sun is falling from the sky
I've never left so early and you may wonder why

(talking in the background - srry i cant get what they're saying)

Tomorow morning on the plane
No banana make you go insane
Floating back to busy town
No banana make you want to frown

Do you want a banana? (Do you want a banana)
Peel it down and go mm mm mm mm
Do you want a banana?
Dis banana fooooooooor

Banana Man

New Post

2008-03-02 03:04:43 by KIRBYLINK

Posting this because I'm sick of my old post even though it was my first ban in about 8 months, still no ban since.

ANYWAY, Joined ibhenowflee's Flash Hell Colab (see image from completed short below) and i'm done with one submission and about 1/3 of the way done with the 2nd. I may make a third depending on how many people enter/how many spaces are left/when the movie comes out. :P
I'm a lot better at drawing, but my animating still needs a hell of a lot more work. It may look a little choppy but at least it's all shiny and new! Also school is taking up a shit load of time and so I can barely work on flash let alone making my self better,(i.e., tutorials, threads, help from other people, etc.)


My Deviantart
My Horribly Shitty Website I Haven't Updated In About 3 Years.

New Post


2007-12-10 17:12:54 by KIRBYLINK

You have been temporarily banned from posting to the BBS for 2 days. You have 11 hours, 3 minutes and 47 seconds left until your ban is lifted. Do not attempt to create a secondary account to get around this ban. If we find evidence of you doing so all of your accounts will be terminated.

Reason for ban: "use your Dick!" Useless and unfunny. Don't post if you don't plan on helping. -absent





2007-10-27 17:52:27 by KIRBYLINK

I finally got a flash created last night with my friend. i mean, its only been like 2 years scence ive created anything (sonic X-trix was submitted a year after creation) so i fell kinda good about it. Also i cant believe it passed! :D ill try to fix these dumb timing bugs. dammit Flash 8.

btw Don't forget bout my Deviant Art! :D its where i sometimes try! also link to the new submission. :D

i have a deviant art

2007-08-21 02:19:15 by KIRBYLINK

my Deviant Art check it out. and here is an example of my glorious works. (believe it or not this pic WAS drawn by me.)

i have a deviant art